About us

About Sander:

My name is Sander Vinkesteijn. Born and raised in Oegstgeest, near the city of Leiden, I lived in Amsterdam and The Hague for a while, finally settling in Oegstgeest with my family some 12 years ago.

Whether I am picking up the kids from school, exercising in the evenings, or cycling to the Leiden market on Saturdays, I am reminded every day of the beauty and comfort of the region of Leiden. And how lucky I am to be the co-owner of a real estate agency in this region.

After having studied in Leiden and Haarlem, I started working in real estate. Today, 18 years later, the time has come to stand on my own two feet and advise others, helping them reflect and make the right decisions when buying or selling a house. And I do it all my own way: innovative, distinctive, flexible, transparent and motivated.

Outside of work, I like to exercise. Having practiced sports at a high level for a long time has taught me to keep calm, carry on and have fun. These are qualities I still use every day, which can also be applied to my work and company.

About Niek:

My name is Niek van den Bosch. Born and raised in Twente, I have lived in the beautiful region of Leiden for 27 years, the last 12 years of which in Oegstgeest, near the city of Leiden.

I have worked as a broker before, but not in real estate and not as an independent entrepreneur. For 17 years, I worked as a commercial director for successful media brands such as Quote, ELLE Decoration, Esquire, Harper´s Bazaar and Residence – constantly looking to help companies in such sectors as interior decoration, home, cosmetics, fashion, accessories, cars, travel and food to reach the right audience.

I am happy to use the experience I gained in marketing and sales on your behalf. Relying on my insight into contemporary consumer behaviour, I use the latest online possibilities to your advantage when selling your house or buying your dream home. Nothing pleases me more than seeing a customer happy and satisfied, knowing that a house is one of the three determinants of personal happiness. The house should feel right, but so should the estate agent. When you engage my services, you’re inviting a results-driven, consumer-friendly networker into your home!