We have a unique and innovative approach to selling your house. It goes without saying that your house will be posted on various websites (e.g. and, and of course a ‘for sale’ sign will be placed in the garden. But we offer so much more.


We make your house stand out. Our striking signs and our creative texts are part of how we achieve that. But what makes us unique and what we are proud of is that we are the first and only estate agents in the Leiden region to use big data and online tools.


By deploying Artificial Intelligence technologies on social media, we reach more active and passive house hunters who would not otherwise see our listings. We use smart technology to match each house to the right target audience. By specifying targets for age, education, professional field, family composition and location for each house, we are able to reach the right audience wherever they are: on their mobile, their favourite blog, social media or Google.


We will surprise potential buyers, let them experience the property, stroll around, drink a cup of coffee – in short, we give them a taste of the atmosphere of your home.


And before we forget: the starting point is always 'no cure no pay'. What does that mean? If a sale is not realised quickly enough in your opinion, you may terminate the assignment at any time without incurring revocation costs.


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