Artificial Intelligence (A))

Vinkenbosch embraces the power of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a collective name for software that allows computers to think for themselves, e.g. the computer that managed to defeat four of the world’s top poker players. The computer outbluffed the human players and saw through misleading information: , but for three whole weeks.not just for one game

Working in close collaboration with, Vinkenbosch is the first real estate agency in the region of Leiden to use this technology. We use AI actively and passively to find house hunters who would not otherwise see your house. Smart technology matches each house to the right audience, paying attention to age, education, professional field, family composition and location. This approach ensures that the right audience is always reached wherever they are: on their mobile, their favourite blog, social media or Google. By analysing big data, we can predict results in advance, e.g. the size of the target audience or the number of people that will be reached. Click here for more information on the AI-driven social media campaign that we use for each home that we sell.