5 Vinkenbosch guarantees

We have incorporated all that we stand for into 5 principles:


INNOVATIVE. We are the first in the region to make use of big data and the latest online tools and marketing techniques, such as artificial intelligence technologies. We embrace the rapidly changing market and are constantly looking for adjustments and improvements.

DISTINCTIVE. Eye-catching signs, creative texts, livestream viewings, free e-books, and the most complete Funda presentation package (professional home, high-angle and 360° photography, 2D and 3D maps, and video) are standard features. Don’t forget to ask for the Vinkenbosch Touch: innovative and unique.

MOTIVATED. We are active, have an intrinsic motivation, show up on time, keep our promises, give the most possible attention to the properties as well as to our clients, consider you a client for life and offer service as a standard luxury. 

TRANSPARENT. Short, open, transparent lines of communication, quick and effective feedback, realistic advice, no cure no pay no cancellation costs, and all prices include VAT. In short: no unpleasant surprises.

FLEXIBLE. We are available 24/7. Sightings are also possible in the evenings and weekends. We always reply within 24 hours. With us, anything is possible!